Our Community Wide Bottle Drive was a huge success, and it’s because of the efforts put forth by our amazing McKnight community that we can put $1,773.00 towards helping other McKnight families!!

So to all those who came to drop bottles, who volunteered their time to collect and who just came to say hi – We Thank You!!



Our efforts will not stop there… we want to make one more push to get that number closer to $5,000. If you find yourself making any trips to the bottle depot this summer and/or fall, we ask that you take them to the North Hill Bottle Depot and let them know you want your bottle returns to go towards McKnight Hockey Association. All proceeds will go directly to the McKnight Hockey Association Financial Aid Program and every donation matter!


When: June 29th, 2020 – October 1st, 2020

LocationNorth Hill Bottle Depot – 336 41 Ave NE #120

Account Name: McKnight Hockey Association

Step 1: Collect your empty bottles/cans

Step 2: Take them to North Hill Bottle Depot

Step 3: Tell them you want your proceeds to be donated to the McKnight Hockey Association

Step 4: Feel good for helping out your hockey association, and the kids in it!

Step 5: Do it again


STAY SAFE AND DO NOT go door to door to collect bottles, have friends and family drop off their bottles to you, arrange for pick up or ask them to please drop their bottles off at North Hill Bottle Depot and tell them you support McKnight Hockey Association.  We do not want to impose any unnecessary health risks to our community.


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