Body Checking (Bantam & Midget)

Over the last few years, body checking has been removed from various divisions within Hockey Calgary.  Below is information on these decisions and how they may affect your player.

Bantam & Midget Body Checking Decision 2017
May 17, 2017 Announcement

Bantam & Midget Body Checking Decision 2016
May 19, 2016 Announcement

Removal of "Body Checking" - Bantam Divisions 4 & Lower
June 3, 2015 Announcement

Hockey Alberta to Eliminate Body Checking from all categories of PeeWee
May 8, 2013 Announcement

"Body Checking" will NOT be permitted within the Bantam 4 Division & below within Hockey Calgary league, exhibition or tournament play.

"Body Checking" will NOT be permitted within the Midget 4 Division & below within Hockey Calgary league, tournament, or exhibition play.

As a result of the above changes we will be asking you during the registration process if you wish to try out for the "Body Checking" or "Non Body Checking" division.

The number of teams that we register in each division will determine the number of checking teams available for our Association.

For Example: 

Based on the suggested grid from Hockey Calgary if we have enough players to register a total of 5 teams we would enter 2 teams into the "Checking Division". 

If we have enough registrations for 4 teams total in Bantam then we would only register 1 team in Checking and 3 teams in Non Body Checking.

If you are not successful in the selection of the “Body Checking Division” then you will be automatically moved to the "Non Body Checking Division".   Refunds or transfers are not permitted as a result of not being selected for a team in the "Body Checking Division".   Your interest to try out for a body checking team does not guarantee a spot on these teams.

This is a great opportunity for Bantam and Midget players who do not want to body check but want to continue to play hockey.


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