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Below you will find up to date information about the KIDZFIRST program.  We will be expanding on this website page as more information is presented.  Please check back for more updates.

June 23, 2015

It’s the off-season for most of us hockey players, but The Kidzfirst Grassroots Development Foundation team is continuing to work away at how best to support your association, coaches and players.

In partnership with ProSmart Hockey Learning System, we are excited to introduce you to Dynamic Edge Skating Camps as a new resource to our association partners. Their focus and approach to skating is simple:

Through repetitive, functional movements and proper skating technique we will instill habits that allow players to improve upon their existing skating ability.

ProSmart Hockey’s power skating mentor, Evan Marble of Dynamic Edge Skating will be assisting Kidzfirst throughout the 2015/16 season with a series of on ice sessions, that will be made available to participating association players.

Evan and Dynamic Edge will also be hosting a comprehensive skating camp in Calgary this July. This is an additional camp, that is not part of the core Kidzfirst offering to associations, but is being shared with your association as we continually have groups asking us where to look for comprehensive skating development. In an effort to support our development partners and provide leading edge development opportunities to young players in Calgary, Kidzfirst has secured a promotional discount of 10% off The Dynamic Edge Skating School to be held in Calgary July 13 - 17 to any hockey player involved with your organization. Use Promo Code FRIENDS10 when registering.

Register online today! Classes are filling up quickly.

January 15, 2015

Hello all,

Thank you for being a part of the inaugural season of the Kidzfirst program. Esso Minor Hockey week is at full steam, and no doubt your association is buzzing with activity. Below are a few updates and reminders regarding Kidzfirst and the program services. Please forward on to your team coordinators, and parent groups, as some of the information is time sensitive.

1) GDI Goaltender Sessions

Our goaltending partner GDI has released the next Kidzfirst goaltending sessions! All sessions will be held at Lake Bonavista Arena, and they can be booked starting Jan 29.


Thursday Feb 12, 2015

10:45am-11:45am - Novice/1st year Atom

1:15pm-2:15pm - 2nd year Atom

2:30pm-3:30 - Peewee

2) Updated Practice Plans!

As promised, Kidzfirst has updated the practice plans for Timbit, Novice A/B, Atom A/B. Each group has 5 fresh practice plans to utilize, and they will available on January 15, 2015 at Coaches must login to have access. The plans are skill development based, with a huge emphasis on player engagement, activity, and enjoyment. Have fun.

3) On Ice Assistance Reminder!

A big part of the Kidzfirst program has been access to the Kidzfirst coaches for individual team use. Each association has access to use the Kidzfirst coaching staff up to 10 times, up until Feb 28, 2015.

The Kidzfirst coaches will need minimum 2 weeks notice for the ice times to coordinate, and communicate the ice time content with your team coaches. The Kidzfirst staff will need your coaches on ice for help, and will only deliver Kidzfirst based content, which may include some theme practices (skating development, goal scoring/ shooting, defending basics etc.) All ice content will be focused on the individual player skill set, and not a team tactics session, adhering to the Kidzfirst mandate of fun, enjoyment, and engagement. Please contact your Kidzfirst coaches to coordinate the session via

4) Skillz Skating and Shooting Center

This part of the Kidzfirst offering has been a huge success already, as hundreds of families have utilized the 5 free training sessions supplied by Kidzfirst. These sessions are still available but time is running out for the families in your association to utilize the free sessions.


Please contact Skillz to register via email;

In closing, thank you to all of the Association representatives, coaches, parents who have provided us valuable feedback on our first season of offerings. The information is extremely valuable to the Kidzfirst team to better serve the families in our community.

Thank you!


Date: September 11, 2014 at 12:58:58 MDT

Hello again

In the midst of trying to include as much information and updates as possible, I forgot to mention 1 very important new additional item.
We are pleased to now be able to offer Goaltender Development sessions for young goalies in your Associations.  We have secured a number of ice slots on school professional days/holidays throughout the season. We have also secured a development partner who will instruct these sessions for the players. These sessions will again be offered at NO CHARGE to the goalies. We see this as very valuable addition to the program as we look to provide as many development opportunities to all players. The first series of sessions will be offered Monday Oct 13th. We will send additional information regarding session times and how goalies can secure their spot in the coming weeks.

On 2014-09-11, at 12:23 PM, Jeff Atkinson wrote:

Good Afternoon

I hope everyone stayed safe during the surprise summer snow storm! With evaluations now underway, we thought it would be beneficial to update everyone on the status of things.
- Monday Sept 22nd - 6:00pm-6:45pm, 7:00pm-7:45pm, 8:00pm-8:45pm, 9:00pm-9:45pm - South Fish Creek Arena - Flames Room
- Tuesday Sept 23rd - 6:00pm-6:45pm, 7:00pm-7:45pm, 8:00pm-8:45pm, 9:00pm-9:45pm - South Fish Creek Arena - BOBCAT 2 Room (Bishop O'Byrne School attached to South Fish Creek)
- Wednesday Sept 24th - 6:00pm-6:45pm, 7:00pm-7:45pm, 8:00pm-8:45pm, 9:00pm-9:45pm - South Fish Creek Arena - Oilers Room
- Thursday Sept 25th - 6:00pm-6:45pm, 7:00pm-7:45pm, 8:00pm-8:45pm - Springbank Park for All Seasons - Upstairs Lounge
- Friday Sept 25th - 6:00pm-6:45pm, 7:00pm-7:45pm, 8:00pm-8:45pm - Springbank Park for All Seasons - Upstairs Lounge
- Saturday Sept 26th - 12:00pm-12:45pm, 1:00pm-1:45pm, 2:00pm-2:45pm, 3:00pm-3:45pm - Springbank Park for All Seasons - Upstairs Lounge
Please have interested coaches and association advocates and/or division coordinators attend a session if possible. These sessions will be where coaches receive additional information relevant to the coaching portion of the program.
2. COACHES SUPPORT KITS - The kits are being assembled this weekend and will be ready for delivery/pick up later next week. Please respond to this e-mail with a number of kits your association will require (1 kit for each team in Timbit/Novice/Atom) and upon receiving that e-mail we will coordinate delivery/pick up of the kits. Each kit is a pail with pucks, cones, coaches board, whistle and some other supplementary pieces coaches will find useful when running practice this year.
3. INDIVIDUAL OFF ICE DEVELOPMENT SESSIONS - Players will have access to these sessions beginning Oct 1st, 2014. Long term, players will be able to book these sessions on-line, however initially, the development service provider has asked that players initially call to book their sessions. This is important as it is at that time they will receive additional instructions and pertinent information regarding the sessions. The central booking number for Skillz Skating and Shooting Center is: 403-453-0725. Players and families may call starting Sept 24th, to book sessions beginning Oct 1st, 2014. These sessions are available to players in Timbit through to Bantam for your association
4. KIDZFIRST WEBSITE AND PRACTICE PLAN ACCESS - The website and practice plan components are complete and ready to launch. That being said, we will be waiting until after the Coaches in person meetings have been finalized on Saturday Sept 26th to open up access. It is important that coaches understand how to access, what they will be seeing etc, as this will ensure a smoother delivery of the product. At that point all associations will be given the respective log in id's to access the practice plans contained within the website.
5. CONTACT LISTS - We ask that as soon as your teams have been formed and the individual coaches (head coaches) have been identified, that you forward us this list for your Timbit/Novice/Atom teams. From there we will supply the contact information for the assigned Kidzfirst representative for your respective association
If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me directly. Please also encourage any coaches who may have not yet previewed the Coaches Kickstart Presentation on the Hockey Calgary website to do so. It will give them some excellent initial information regarding the program.
We look forward to the season!
It's about PASSION, It's about FUN, It's about KIDZFIRST!
Jeff Atkinson
The Kidzfirst Grassroots Development Foundation

Subject: Welcome to Kidzfirst: Coaches Kickstart, Contacts, and Updates

Timbits to Bantam Players (Timbits to PeeWee Goalies)

Hello all,

Thank you for being a huge part of Kidzfirst grassroots programming this season. We are very excited to launch this initiative to help in giving the best possible hockey experience to the kids in your association. We are fortunate to have partnered with Skillz Skating and Shooting Center, GDI, and Crash Conditioning, to offer the off-ice portion of our programming this season. We know they will provide an amazing experience to families and to the kids. As I am sure you are aware, the costs of the program have been covered through corporate sponsorship, as Kidzfirst is a non profit entity.

We have been holding Coach Kickstart meetings with coaches on a drop in basis for the last 7 days, and we have already had useful feedback regarding the on ice resources. If your coaches were unaware of those meetings, Please pass on my contact info, and I can give them the information they may have missed. This information is extremely valuable to first year coaches. I will be your primary contact for all things Kidzfirst, and am happy to support where I can. Most associations have allocated a Kidzfirst liaison. Perhaps this is you, perhaps not, but please let me know the best person to contact.

Attached is a document reviewing the off-ice development opportunities Kidzfirst is providing FREE for families. Please pass it on to your division coordinators, coaches, and parents.

As the season gets going, we hope that we are able to add more value to families, associations, and the kids. Thank you, and we will see you around the rink.

Joe Murphy





COACHES and PARENTS are asked to complete the KIDZFIRST surveys to help provide further feedback about this new program.

Please refer to our SURVEYS 14-15 WEBSITE PAGE.

Please support those that support us!

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