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So you're the fundraising volunteer and you want to raise some money for your hockey team?   Well we can help, with lots of fundraising ideas, from the small, easy to organize ones, to the larger ones which require a little more resourcefulness and dedication!

We've got lots of fantastic and effective fundraising ideas for you, so click on the links below and find some that are perfect to raise money for your team!

We'll be adding more and more fundraising ideas, along with additional details on those already listed, to give you a head-start on your fundraising efforts.

Good luck!!

Raffles can be large or small, depending on your needs:

Prize Raffle (NHL tickets, entertainment tickets, WestJet tickets, etc)

Wine Raffle (each family donates a bottle of wine, minimum value $15/bottle)

One of the easiest way to raise money for your team is through a Raffle!  As per AGLC Regulations, every puck toss, 50/50 raffle, etc. must be covered under separate raffle licenses.  It is McKnight Hockey's position that each team that holds a raffle should obtain their own licenses to do so.  Please note the following:

To obtain a Raffle License for fundraising under $10,000:

You must complete an Eligibility for Raffle License form.  You must name a Raffle Chairperson on this form.  Note that while the form says you need to have elected executives this is not the case in a hockey team's situation, and thus, not required for hockey team applications, so please ignore.  The form is on the AGLC website  On the Eligibility Form you will need to specify what you intend to use the funds for.  You need to review the AGLC website to verify your alternatives: - sports group

To save on time and funds, you can choose to apply for an internet account.  Please contact the AGLC if you've opened up an internet account in the past, you may be able to update the information on that account and use it again.  Or you can see if there is a team account open that you can just update yourself as the new Raffle Chairperson on the account.

The Eligibility for Raffle License approval takes 3-5 business days whereupon you then can apply for your license.  Only at this point can you walk into a Registry office and apply for a license, or apply for your license online with your new internet account.

Print out your license and all accompanying documents.  Please read them.  The license also provides you with a fill in the blank financial report that you must file within 60 days after the event.  Again, if you have an internet account this can be done online.  Licenses can also be obtained through your local Registry office.  Licenses vary in cost depending on which registry office you go to (approx. $25-40).  Online licenses are no charge.

Records must be kept for all ticket information, tickets bought, sold, lost, destroyed, as well as the winning tickets, and the winner's name and contact information.  It is the duty of the Raffle Chairperson to maintain these records.

Important note:
AGLC - Raffle Terms and Conditions
Section L, Point 2:
The total fair market value of all prize(s) including cash alternatives shall be at least 20% of the approved total ticket value. The fair market value of each individual prize must be equal to or greater than the individual ticket price.

For example:  If all of your prizes for your raffle value $1000 (1st place $500, 2nd place $300, 3rd $200), you are allowed to sell up to $5000 worth of raffle tickets.  To calculate your total ticket value take the value of all prizes, and divide that by 0.20.  Be sure that your total value is accurate.  Fair market value.  Do not inflate the value.

If your team wants to do a wine raffle, be specific in your requirements to families if they are to donate the wine.  If you are basing your raffle on 20 bottles of wine valued at a minimum $15, ensure that the wine donated is valued at a minimum of $15, families can not donate wine only worth $10, this will devalue your prize accordingly, and your total ticket value.

How to Choose a Good Raffle Prize
Make It Desirable, Focused, Portable and Simple
Raffles are an effective way to raise funds. In order to choose desirable raffle prizes, the organizers of a raffle should consider their audience. It is best to choose raffle prizes that are desirable to the audience, because this usually sells more tickets. Just about anything can be given away as raffles prizes, but a few items that do really well at raffles are electronics, homemade gifts, gift baskets, gift cards, gift certificates to local attractions, travel packages (and of course NHL Hockey Tickets go over really well with Hockey Parents).

Electronics are one of the most popular raffle prizes. Many individuals enjoy a variety of electronic goods but often do not purchase these items for themselves. Video cameras, computers, televisions and media players are items that cost a considerable amount of money. This makes purchasing a relatively inexpensive raffle ticket for a chance at winning these items a good decision in many people's eyes.

Homemade gifts and gift baskets are two great items to use for raffle prizes. These items are unique, which can make for a good raffle prize. Organizers of a raffle might ask local businesses, or they might ask other people in the area to donate homemade items or gift baskets for a raffle.

Gift cards are another option for a raffle prize. Offering a gift card allows the winner to have something very portable and to purchase something that he or she wants. Gift cards to popular stores are desirable because many people enjoy shopping at these locations on a regular basis.

Many people enjoy frequenting local attractions, so gift certificates or free tickets to these locations might be good raffle prizes. Local businesses generally enjoy helping out local organizations and charities, and they're often happy to donate admission to their establishments as a raffle prize. This type of prize is highly customizable for the target audience as well. If many families are in attendance, a raffle organizer might include tickets for museums, zoos or movie theaters. For an audience consisting of single individuals, gift certificates for local clubs and restaurants might be good prizes.

Travel packages appeal to a wide variety of people. Most people enjoy traveling and experiencing new things, so packages that offer all-expenses-paid vacations are desirable. Travel packages do not have to include out-of-area destinations. Raffle organizers might enjoy putting together a travel package that consists of local destinations such as hotels, restaurants, cultural activities or spas.

Plan to sell 50/50 tickets at your home games.  This doesn't have to be just for tournaments, as long as you have the right raffle license in place.

Sell Something:
McKnight Hockey is not in partnership with any of these companies shown for fundraising.  Teams are not limited to using these companies, they are simply ideas to help you get started.

Spolumbos Sausage

Coco Brooks Pizza

Spirit of Hockey Calendars

Cookie Dough

LED Light Bulb Sales

Yuk Yuk Event Tickets


Christmas Wreaths

Grey Cup Pool/Hockey Pool/Loser Pool
Do you know someone willing to look after a hockey pool, or a Grey Cup pool?  Hockey pools are fun ways to be (competitive÷ with your friends, and there are websites now that, once you pick your team, keep things automatically updated with the latest stats.  Just collect your entry fees from participants, get teams picked, and off you go!

Game nights/Pub Nights/Bowling Nights
Game nights/pub nights are usually for the parents, but events can also be arranged to include children.  First you need a location. Consider hosting at a restaurant where they might donate portions of profits back to your team, or a bowling alley, where you can all partake in the fun! You could use a hall, and have pot luck, or get it catered. At game nights/pub nights you can have silent auctions, casino games, loonie stick draw, or just hang out and play darts, crib, or pool.  This is a great chance for parents to (hang out÷ away from the arena!

Poker Night
Make sure you check regarding local regulations, but poker nights can be lucrative fundraisers. Charge each person entering $50 to $100 to enter, then have Texas Holdem elimination tournaments until the winner and a couple others take home some cash.  Beware!  If you have a lot of players, this can go on for a while!

If you're looking to host an event, think about joining forces with another team or two.  This could help bring in the participants and you can all share in the volunteering and the money raised.

25 Unique Youth Sports Fundraising Ideas
Check out this website page for some new and exciting on the link above.

Tired of selling cookie dough and candy bars? Here are some unique and fun ideas for raising funds for your youth organizations:

  1. Rent-a-kid: Set up opportunities to serve.  Kids can clean, mow the yard, read to someone, or even babysit--whatever the buyer needs for an afternoon.

Here's some more great ideas from Canadian Hockey Moms!

For more ideas, just check out the web, and remember that teams are limited to the amount they can raise per season based on their budget requirements approved by the McKnight Board.

McKnight Hockey is not in partnership with any of these companies shown for fundraising.  Teams are not limited to using these companies, they are simply ideas to help you get started.

For more ideas, search "Calgary Fundraisers" and remember that teams are limited to the amount they can raise per season based on their budget requirements approved by the McKnight Board.

Steps to Obtaining a 50/50 License

Yuk Yuk's Fundraiser

Spirit of Hockey Calendars

Coco Brooks Pizza

L.E.D. Light Bulb Sales - sample Trails West advertisement

From time to time local businesses approach McKnight with fundraising ideas.  Here are a few, check them out if you wish.

Fund Forward

Tired of selling chocolates?
How much profit does my organization earn?
You will earn approximately 20% for items sold during the initial fundraiser. There is opportunity
for more funds to be raised when any re-orders are made. Our fundraising experts will share proven
tips and techniques for a successful fundraiser with you.
The profit you make depends entirely on your group - how you promote your fundraiser, how
motivated your sellers are, and how often your customers re-order these delicious products.
This is why you choose Fund Forward Community Fundraisers!
We're easy to work with and look forward to helping your group be as successful as possible in your fundraising initiatives.
Thank you,
Corrie Grande
Fund Forward
Community Fundraisers
3048 9th Street SE
Calgary, AB T2G 3B9
Phone: 403.803.3407
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