Off Season Activities

Many parents are always discussing (asking) what they should do with their children in the "off season".  Following are some ideas that have come across our desk that may be of interest to you.  McKnight does not endorse any of these programs, and therefore it is in your best interest to find more information about the program before committing to a program.  As well, talk to other parents, they may have experience with the program or maybe they too are looking for a fun program to join, it's always nice for kids to join a new program with an old friend.

If you know of a program that would be of interest to our members, please forward the information to us at and we'll post it for you.

Dry-Land Training - High Maintenance Training


Offering dry-land training that will specifically improve and encourage elements used in the hockey season.  The goal of dry-land training is to train and improve both the exact and supporting muscles that are in use during the specific sport.  The dry-;and training will take place at the Calgary Boxing Club, which is equipped with both endurance and resistance equipment.  During the sessions, such elements as improving endurance, core strength and resistance training will be covered using challenging exercies and programs.  We are looking for athletes that are willing and wanting to improve in all levels of their game.  Group sessions are encouraged, but not necessary.


Price is dependent on the size of the group, single - $45, groups - $15-25/per person, Based on 1 hour sessions


For more information please contact us at, 403-815-5153.

        Summer Camps - Hockey Canada

Hockey Canada's week-long summer Skills Development Camps were developed to provide players with an opportunity to enhance their fundamental skills in a positive, learning environment. The primary focus of the camp is centered on on-ice fundamental skills, with time scheduled for life skill enhancement in areas such as respect, fitness and teamwork.  Check out the Hockey Canada link for more information.

Please stay tuned, more ideas to come soon...

Below is a number of Spring Options for you to consider if you are interested in placing your child into a Spring hockey program.  Please note that McKnight Hockey is not promoting any one of the programs over another, it is up to the individual family to find a program that suits the needs of their player.




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