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SMHC Hockey does not have a website of their own, but have asked to keep its members up to date by updating information on this website page.

SMHC Association was formed as a result of the boundary review completed by Hockey Calgary in 2008.  It consists of the communities of Sandstone, MacEwan, Harvest Hills and Country Hills.  These communities had previously been included in Simons Valley Hockey, but as a result of the realignment of the districts in Hockey Calgary, SMHC joined the associations of Confederation Hockey (CHC), Calgary North Central Hockey (CNC) and Thorncliffe Greenview Community (TG) to form McKnight Hockey.  Each of these four associations is responsible for registration of its members, fundraising and procurement of ice time to contribute to McKnight Hockey.

SMHC commenced operations in the summer of 2009 and has been responsible for the activities identified above.  The association originally acted as an unincorporated entity and its corporate registration was completed on December 10, 2010.  Since its inception in 2009, SMHC has been responsible for its financial obligations.  SMHC funds have been accounted for separately from other associations and SMHC has been responsible for its registration funds.  As a result of some very dedicated volunteers, perseverance and tenacity, the association was registered and an amalgamation agreement was executed with McKnight and the other associations.

Prior to this McKnight had set and supplemented our fees.  As a result of SMHC becoming an association we can manage our own fundraising and setting of fees.  We can work towards creating our own fundraising opportunities which include working with CHC and CNC on the McKnight Casinos, as will as any other community fundraising events brought forth by the SMHC board.

McKnight Hockey Association is operated and organized exclusively by volunteers.  SMHC will operate in the same fashion.  We cannot operate our programs without volunteer commitment from all parents.  There are a number of positions available for parents to contribute their time in order to make SMHC and McKnight a continued success.  There are a number of key positions required on the McKnight board, as well as, a number of key roles with SMHC.  In addition, there are many opportunities to coach, manage, evaluate, and fund raise, and we need your help.  Please consider stepping up and help to ensure that SMHC under McKnight is the best association in the city.

~ Extracted from the SMHC Board Report, dated September 7, 2011

We are a non-profit society that was formed to be able to apply for a casino license.  Because we are linked to McKnight and McKnight is linked to two other casino licenses (CHC and CNC) we were not granted our own license.  We can do other fundraising activities as needed to help reduce our fees.  Because of the above circumstances, we will share in the profits of the two other casinos and at this time do not feel it necessary to start additional fundraising.  McKnight's financial records indicate that we have a surplus of $9000 this season, and therefore we have offered our members an early bird discount.

~ Extracted from the SMHC AGM minutes, dated September 5, 2012

SMHC has a current shortfall of $26110 for the 2012-2013 hockey season.  This shortfall is a result of a few factors:

  • We were provided incorrect financial information from McKnight at the end of the 2011-2012 hockey season.  We thought we had a $9000 surplus but subsequently we were informed that our association is at a deficit, but were allowed to start the 2012-2013 season with a zero balance going forward.
  • We were provided incorrect financial information regarding McKnight expenses to help base our fees.
  • Based on the above incorrect financial information, we provided an early bird discount incentive that created an additional shortfall of over $7000.  Therefore before the season started, we were already at a $16000 deficit.

Due to the shortfall we are required to provide additional fundraising initiatives to reduce our amount owing as we are the only community association within McKnight that does not have a bank account with past casino revenues on hand.

SMHC's goal is to raise 1/3 of the amount owing each year to pay down our debt to McKnight.

It was noted that McKnight has provided a cost per player from which ALL communities will base their fees.  All players within McKnight will pay the same fees.  TGCA has still opted to pay on behalf of their membership, and therefore their members will pay them directly.

~ Extracted from the SMHC meeting, dated April 16, 2013

SMHC is associated with three other groups (CHC, CNC, TGCA) under the umbrella of McKnight Hockey Association.  We are a non-profit society formed to enlist in a casino application two years ago, to assist with activities and fundraising and to ensure equal representation of our members under the McKnight umbrella.  This would include fees and voting rights.  SMHC was not granted a casino licens as we were rightfully linked with McKnight that were already sharing 2 casinos.  Our primary goal then shifted to ensure that all groups under the umbrella (CHC, CNC, SMHC and TGCA) were being treated equitably with respect to fundraising, fees and board representation.  We have managed to achieve these goals.

SMCH opened the season with a $19000 deficit.  Sandstone MacEwan Community Association has graciously provided a $5000 donation in return we will provide volunteers for various SandMac events throughout the year.  We hope to secure another donation from Sandstone MacEwan this year, no other fundraising has been scheduled.

~ Extracted from the SMHC AGM meeting, dated June 17, 2014

Update 2014-2015:
SMHC continues to provide it's share of volunteers for the association and provide 3 McKnight Board representatives.  We were able to secure another $7500 from Sandstone MacEwan and continue to provide volunteers at their request.  Our current debt remains at approximately $7000 and we hope that this debt will be lifted in the coming 2015-2016 hockey season.

Update 2015-2016:
SMHC invites Hidden Valley members, thanks to another Hockey Calgary boundary review.  With this change, McKnight Hockey has amended their bylaws to include two additional SMHC board representatives, from the Hidden Valley.  SMHC with the McKnight Board recommendations will appoint two members early in the season, to sit on the McKnight Board.

Updated for 2016-2017 season:



Dennise R

Cayley Y

Sherri T

Sean K

Lana W




Dennise R

Cayley Y

Sherri T

Sean K

Lana W

We are always looking for SMHC members to step up and take on key volunteer roles within McKnight Hockey.  Please refer to the McKnight website for additional information on volunteer opportunities within McKnight.

Do you have interest in participating with the the SMHC Board or as an SMHC McKnight Board Representative?  If you are interested and willing to put in a few extra hours of volunteering throughout the hockey season, please contact us at

Thank you.

Cayley Young,Secretary

SMHC Hockey Association

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