Name Position Contact
Jody Davis Midget Coordinator midget@mcknighthockey.com
Cory Stewart Midget Evaluation Coordinator midget-eval@mcknighthockey.com
Trevor Graham Midget Evaluation Coordinator midget-eval@mcknighthockey.com
Paul Berrigan Goalie Evaluation Coordinator (Bantam-Junior C) goalie-eval@mcknighthockey.com
Doug Wichert Midget Board Representative midget-board@mcknighthockey.com


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Parents and Players:

Please find below the results of the evaluation process showing team selection by helmet #. We would like to thank the evaluation team for donating a tremendous amount of their time to ensure that each player is placed with his or her peers.  If a parent has concerns with the player's team selection, please check the website to review the grievance policy.  Grievances about player evaluations and team placements must be received no sooner than 24 hours after team selection and no later than 48 hours after team selection. Grievances shall be submitted online to the Head Evaluation Coordinator using the online form.  The Grievances form can be found under the Evaluations tab on our web site.

Grievance period opens:  09:00 pm, September 29, 2017

Grievance period closes:  09:00 pm, September 30, 2017

Your Head Coach will be contacting you soon by email or telephone to introduce him/herself and will confirm your team placement.  Practices will begin as early as 24 hours after teams have been announced.  Please be sure to click on the Practices tab on your TEAM website page, to see your schedule to the end of September.  The schedule for October will be posted as soon as all divisions have completed their evaluations.

Your Head Coach and your Division Coordinator will be initiating a first parent meeting to begin to determine volunteer roles, specifically key roles like Assistant Coaches, Team Manager, Fundraising Parent, etc.  Please read the VOLUNTEERS website page for information on the team positions.  

Once you have decided on your team volunteer positions, please be sure to have your Team Manager provide this information to your Division Coordinator. Once a Team Manager is in place, parents will begin to receive important forms to complete and sign, as well you will be required to provide your volunteer cheque (please see VOLUNTEERS website for details). Volunteer cheques are to be submitted to the Team Manager during the first week.  All Team Managers are expected to attend the Team Managers meeting on October 4, 2017. Managers please review the MANAGERS website for all of the details.

Thank you to all of the parents and coaches that dedicated their time during evaluations to get this season started.  We hope that your dedication and support continues throughout the season.  We welcome all parents to volunteer and hope that hockey is an enjoyable experience to you and your family.  We welcome all players, both new and returning.  

We wish you a fun and exciting hockey season!  

See you at the rink!


Jody Davis

Midget Coordinator


Team 1  
Helmet # Position
11 F
76 D
1 G
88 D
37 F
90 D
20 F
64 F
5 G
47 F
48 F
16 F
85 D
50 F
30 F
51 F
 98 D
Team 2  
Helmet # Position
13 F
89 D
36 F
39 F
91 D
61 F
40 F
21 F
43 F
94 D
62 F
86 D
31 F
55 F
7 G
97 D
Team 3  
Helmet # Position
12 F
60 F
78 D
15 F
18 F
92 D
3 G
4 G
44 F
24 F
26 F
96 D
28 F
84 D
52 F
54 F
56 F
Team 4  
Helmet # Position
34 F
100 D
14 F
35 F
38 F
93 D
2 G
41 F
95 D
22 F
46 F
25 F
49 F
27 F
102 D
29 F
Team 5  
Helmet # Position
101 D
80 D
17 F
19 F
99 D
42 F
45 F
83 D
63 F
6 G
87 D
53 F
59 F
58 F
32 F
33 F

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