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Role of the Safety Scheduler


  • Create and support a COVID-19 safety culture within their team.
  • Be familiar with AHS COVID-19 guidelines for sports participants and facility use - educate their teams and support adherence to those guidelines.
  • Assign all Parent on the team on a rotation schedule to be responsible for communicating facility guidelines to all team members and ensuring facility guidelines are adhered to for their ice time rotation. These parents will be Safety Parents. Roles and responsibilities of Safety Parents will be shared amongst the team and managed at the team level, and not all fall on the Safety Scheduler. The Team Manager will be shared amongst the team and managed at the team level, and not all fall on the Safety Scheduler. The Team Manager will communicate important COVID related information/updates to the team, track and update availability, and report COVID positive cases to
  • Prior to starting team activities, be aware of playing facilities' guidelines, noting:
    • Measures such as physical distancing, mask, cleaning.
    • Restrictions specific to the number of people allowed in public areas.
    • Areas available to put on skates/remove skate guards with marked physically distanced seating.
    • Relay the above information to coaches, managers, players and parents as needed.
  • All Parents and Players should:
    • Ensure players have their own water bottle labeled with their names - encourage them to take water bottles home and wash them before the next session.
    • Emphasize the importance of washing their hands regularly with soap and water or use hand sanitizer often.
    • Emphasize the importance of keeping their equipment clean.
    • Work with coaches to support physical distancing off the ice, good hygiene practices at all times, and advise for player's return to play after illness (COVID-19 related or not, based on Alberta Health and Hockey Calgary guidelines)
    • Encourage participants to minimize their time in or around the facility.
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