Kim CuttsU15 Coordinatoru15coordinator@mcknighthockey.com
Cam KezemaU15 Evaluation CoordinatorU15-eval@mcknighthockey.com
Rick EasthopeU15 Evaluation CoordinatorU15-eval@mcknighthockey.com
Nolan KempU15 Evaluation CoordinatorU15-eval@mcknighthockey.com
Ramai AlvarezU15 Board RepresentativeU15-board@mcknighthockey.com

 ** Make sure to check back regularly as times are subject to change

U15 Sorting/Evaluation Schedule - Goalie

DateStart TimeEnd TimeSessionLocation
19-09-20207:30 PM8:45 PMConditioningThorncliffe/Greenview
24-09-20207:45 PM8:45 PMTechnical 1Thorncliffe/Greenview
25-09-20206:30 PM7:30 PMTechnical 2Thorncliffe/Greenview
26-09-202012:00 PM1:00 PMSkills Group AThorncliffe/Greenview
26-09-20201:15 PM2:15 PMSkills Group BThorncliffe/Greenview
26-09-20202:30 PM3:30 PMSkills Group CThorncliffe/Greenview

U15 Sorting/Evaluation Schedule - Player Checking

DateStart TimeEnd TimeGroupLocation
19-09-20204:15 PM4:45 PMU15 D3Thorncliffe/Greenview
19-09-20205:00 PM5:30 PMU15 D2Thorncliffe/Greenview
19-09-20205:30 PM6:00 PMU15 D1Thorncliffe/Greenview
19-09-20206:45 PM7:15 PMU15 F7Thorncliffe/Greenview
20-09-20201:30 PM2:00 PMU15 F6Thorncliffe/Greenview
20-09-20202:00 PM2:30 PMU15 F5Thorncliffe/Greenview
20-09-20202:45 PM3:15 PMU15 F4Thorncliffe/Greenview
20-09-20203:15 PM3:45 PMU15 F3Thorncliffe/Greenview
20-09-20204:00 PM4:30 PMU15 F2Thorncliffe/Greenview
20-09-20204:30 PM5:00 PMU15 F1Thorncliffe/Greenview
22-09-20206:30 PM7:00 PMU15 D3Mount Pleasant Sportsplex
22-09-20207:00 PM7:30 PMU15 D2Mount Pleasant Sportsplex
22-09-20207:45 PM8:15 PMU15 D1Mount Pleasant Sportsplex
22-09-20208:15 PM8:45 PMU15 F7Mount Pleasant Sportsplex
23-09-20205:15 PM5:45 PMU15 F6Huntington Hills
23-09-20205:45 PM6:15 PMU15 F5Huntington Hills
23-09-20206:30 PM7:00 PMU15 F4Huntington Hills
23-09-20207:00 PM7:30 PMU15 F3Huntington Hills
23-09-20207:45 PM8:15 PMU15 F2Huntington Hills
23-09-20208:15 PM8:45 PMU15 F1Huntington Hills
24-09-20206:30 PM7:00 PMU15 D3Thorncliffe/Greenview
24-09-20207:00 PM7:30 PMU15 D2Thorncliffe/Greenview
24-09-20207:45 PM8:15 PMU15 D1Thorncliffe/Greenview
24-09-20208:15 PM8:45 PMU15 F7Thorncliffe/Greenview
25-09-20205:15 PM5:45 PMU15 F6Huntington Hills
25-09-20205:45 PM6:15 PMU15 F5Huntington Hills
25-09-20206:30 PM7:00 PMU15 F4Huntington Hills
25-09-20207:00 PM7:30 PMU15 F3Huntington Hills
25-09-20207:45 PM8:15 PMU15 F2Huntington Hills
25-09-20208:15 PM8:45 PMU15 F1Huntington Hills
26-09-20203:45 PM4:15 PMU15 D3Thorncliffe/Greenview
26-09-20204:15 PM4:45 PMU15 D2Thorncliffe/Greenview
26-09-20205:00 PM5:30 PMU15 D1Thorncliffe/Greenview
26-09-20205:30 PM6:00 PMU15 F7Thorncliffe/Greenview
27-09-20201:30 PM2:00 PMU15 F6Huntington Hills
27-09-20202:00 PM2:30 PMU15 F5Huntington Hills
27-09-20202:45 PM3:15 PMU15 F4Huntington Hills
27-09-20203:15 PM3:45 PMU15 F3Huntington Hills
27-09-20204:00 PM4:30 PMU15 F2Huntington Hills
27-09-20204:30 PM5:00 PMU15 F1Huntington Hills

U15 Sorting/Evaluation Schedule - Player Non-Checking

The non-checking group for U15 will be placed together in 1 cohort for stage 2 of the Alberta Governments relaunch. This means that evaluations for the non-checking group can be done as a cohort and not physically distanced. This allows for more players on the ice at a time as well as game play. Conditioning skate 2 on Sept. 26th will be for all non-checking players. The non-checking players will be divided into 2 groups for each of the 3 evaluations, please note the groups may change for each evaluation. The evaluations will be run as game play rather than skills. If you have any questions please contact the Head Evaluation Coordinator Tom Jong at headeval@mcknighthockey.com.

DateStart TimeEnd TimeGroupLocation
19-09-20203:45 PM4:15 PMU15 Defence NCThorncliffe/Greenview
19-09-20206:15 PM6:45 PMU15 Forward NCThorncliffe/Greenview
26-09-20206:15 PM7:15 PMU15 NCThorncliffe/Greenview
28-09-20206:30 PM7:30 PMU15 NC BThorncliffe/Greenview
28-09-20207:45 PM8:45 PMU15 NC AThorncliffe/Greenview
29-09-20207:00 PM8:00 PMU15 NC BMount Pleasant Sportsplex
29-09-20208:15 PM9:30 PMU15 NC AMount Pleasant Sportsplex
30-09-20206:30 PM7:30 PMU15 NC BHuntington Hills
30-09-20207:45 PM9:00 PMU15 NC AHuntington Hills