Welcome Managers!

Taking on the role of team manager should not be taken lightly.  This is a demanding role and it requires someone who can communicate well, be extremely organized and someone who is prepared to make decisions that he/she knows are in the best interests of everyone on the team.  Good managers will lead a team through important decisions on budgets and tournaments while ensuring everyone is included in the process.  Be respectful of family budgets when it comes to spending decisions and work on a fundraising plan that is fair to everyone.

On this page you will find Information to help you organize your team.  You will be able to obtain your forms such as Fair Play Codes and medical information sheets as well as other items, that you will need to submit to your Division Coordinator.  It will be set up as a resource for you.  If you have something that you would like added to this page, to share with your fellow McKnight Managers, please forward your request to the Executive Director at and we will add it. 

Good Luck and thanks for your support!

Should you have any questions throughout the season, please contact your Division Coordinator and subsequently the Head Coordinator.  Contact information is on the website.

Each season, immediately upon team selection, a team manager meeting will be held by the Executive Director, Head Coordinator and the Division Coordinators, to orient all team managers with the McKnight Hockey Association policies and procedures.  This is a mandatory meeting for all team managers.  This season's meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday, October 4, 2017 at 7:30 PM at Thorncliffe Greenview  Community Association in the Old Lobby Room (beside back parking lot).  Please refer to the McKnight Calendar for additional information.

We will structure the meeting so that Timbits managers may leave early as there are some items that do not pertain to them, otherwise expect to be available for a couple hours.

This website page is always work in progress.  If you have something to add, please let us know.

New forms are being updated and added regularly.

Important Forms and Information:

Please click on link found under the MANAGERS tab.

First Meeting Forms:

Player Medical Information Form - this information must be on-hand at all games and practices, in case of emergency

Fair Play Forms - please have all players complete the fair play forms (Coaches and parents have completed their's online with the code of conduct!)

        Fair Play - Player only

Contact Information Form - all players to complete form, as needed

Team Volunteer Positions - at least 10 hours per player

Team Volunteer Sign-up - updated to include additional full credit positions

Sample Parent Meeting Agenda - First parent meeting

Survey Monkey - send a survey to your families and ask them for feedback, anonymously!  Free to sign up!
Find out if they want to host a tournament, out of town tournaments, apparel choices, jerseys, etc.

Volunteer Sign Up - this is a great website tool.  If you need to schedule volunteers, you can do it all online, no more back and forth emails.  Simply upload the timetable and information and have them sign up online.  Once completed print the list and you're ready to go.

Team Manager Resources:

Hockey Calgary Important Dates 2017 - 2018

Hockey Canada Injury Report form, to be completed if a player is injured and cannot reenter the game/practice/event.

Manager's Binder - sample of how to organize your binder

Hockey Canada Basic Team Manager Checklist
Team Checklist - use this when tracking forms, payments, etc. from families

Backup Contact Sheet - use this as a go to in case of emergency

Player Contact Card - front
Player Contact Card - back v1
Player Contact Card - back v2

Team Roster Info - for tournaments, vendors, (just hide parent columns)
Game Sheet Labels - use for all 3 copies of game sheets (use Avery Label 8163/5163 or Staples compatible)
Game Day Volunteer Sign-up sheet - use this for hosted tournaments to share the duties

Binder/Door Label - use for a binder insert or put on dressing room door at all games
McKnight Mustang Logo

Banking Information - McKnight has partnered with ATB Financial and has bank accounts set up for all teams.  This is mandatory for all teams.  Information packages to be provided to all team treasurers.

Sample Budget - New and improved.  This report is to be submitted to the McKnight Treasurer twice a year, please use this also to keep your parents informed of where you are planning on spending the money they contributed or raised.

Silent Auction Information - use this to inform your team about the benefits of the Silent Auction (new information package to come for the 2014 Silent Auction.  Information packages to be provided to all team fundraising coordinators.)
Silent Auction Donation Checklist - use this to track your donations, from your donation forms

Sample Thank You Letter - use this for all sponsors/donors of your hockey team

Volunteer Hours Worked Letter - use this letter for volunteer mentor program, if you have a player helping out from another team, etc.

Website Instructions:

Team Manger Ramp Instructions - use this as a guide using Ramp, or forward to your Team Webmaster.  We highly recommend that you utilize your team website page as your main source of communications.
One Click Ice - Ice Scheduling - use this to "give back" or "take" extra ice.  You will receive a login and password at the beginning of the season.  Failure to return ice as per McKnight policy will result in a penalty fine of $190/ice session.

Hockey Calgary Resources:

Team Managers website page - forms, rules, travel permits, sanctioning games, etc.
Hockey Rules - Hockey Calgary, Hockey Alberta and Hockey Canada rules
2012-2014 RULEBOOK - Updated October 2012, this will be updated each rule change year.
Hockey Calgary Regulations Handbook - Updated September 2014
Hockey Calgary forms - (schedule window, travel permit, HC injury report, tournament sanction request, Timbits/Novice game  requests)  Many of these forms are available through your online HC login.  Each team manager will receive login access for their team at the beginning of the season.

Hockey Canada Safety Requires Teamwork booklet 13-14

Hockey Calgary Exhibition Sanction Request Instructions

Special Event Form Guidelines - guide to approved and non-approved events

Tournament Information:

Hockey Alberta - check regularly for tournaments, don't wait to the last minute!
Hockey BC - what about an out of province tournament, make sure you figure out how your Hockey Calgary division matches up against BC teams.

Sample Tournament Forms:

Sample Tournament Invite Letter - use this letter to send out to your teams, if you don't know where to start, send this to your league chair and ask him/her to send to your HC divisional teams on your behalf.
Sample Tournament Entry Form - use this form to decide who you want to have in your tournament, update Team name in Word then send it out in PDF to teams interested in attending your tournament
Sample Tournament Registration Form - use this to send to your chosen teams, update it in Word first then send it out in PDF
Sample Tournament Entry Roster Form - use this to update all team roster information, for your program
Sample Tournament Checklist - use this to get all your tournament information organized and start allocating volunteers
Sample Tournament Income Statement - use this to track your tournament funds
Sample Tournament Program - PowerPoint document available, please email, (it won't download to the website in PowerPoint)
Sample Thank You Letter - remember to say thank you to your tournament sponsors and donors.
Sample Game Schedule - print this out on poster paper to show your tournament game progression.  Get the original from your "program" document.
Sample Tournament Business Donation Letter - use this letter if you are requesting donations to your tournament, for snacks, heart and hustle awards, t-shirts, swag, and other items.
Sample Tournament Sign-up Sheet - use this to track your daily volunteers for your tournament.
Sample Tournament 50/50 Inventory Control Sheet - remember to get an AGLC license for all 50/50 draws and raffles for your tournament.
Following is a list of sample announcements made during each game of the tournament:
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4

Timekeeper Information:

Hockey Calgary Off-ice Official's Manual - instructions on how to complete a gamesheet, and use the scorekeeper machines throughout the city.

Referee Information:

Please refer to the Referee website page.

Fundraising Resources:

Fundraising website link - we are updating this page, if you have some ideas to share, please send them to us

AGLC Requirements and Forms:

Fundraising Reminder Notice

Raffle Terms and Conditions

Internet Account Request Form

Important Raffle Information

Eligibility for Raffle Form

Following are the official rules pulled from the AGLC Charitable Gaming Policies Handbook.  It is recommended that you review this handbook in its entirety, but please be sure to review the following information specific to Sports Groups before proceeding with your Raffle License:

AGLC - Eligibility - Sports Group

AGLC - Use of Proceeds - Sports Group

AGLC - Use of Proceeds - Travel:Sports Group

Please support those that support us!

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