Second Round of Evaluations for 2020/21:

Gameplay evaluations will be held for U9-U18 to determine the new teams for the competition phase. U7, U21-C, and House League will remain the same and not be evaluated for this phase.

COVID19 Protocols for the Evaluations:

Players will participate in the Evaluation gameplay within their current cohorts. This means that they will not need to physically distance for these evaluations.


All registered and paid players will be notified by email regarding your first skate time and place. Subsequent notifications will be by email from your Division Evaluation Coordinators. It is the parent/player's responsibility to refer to these emails for all updates. If you do not have email access, please notify your Division Evaluation Coordinator at the first skate to make alternate arrangements for notification.

The parent information session will be held via Zoom call on Wednesday, November 4 @ 7 PM. If you have any questions regarding the upcoming evaluations please be sure to attend this information session. Parents and players are not to communicate with the off-ice evaluators during evaluations. All questions are to be directed to your Division Evaluation Coordinators and your Division Coordinators only.


Parents and players are expected to become familiar with the McKnight Evaluation process through the material available on our website, and by contacting your Division Evaluation Coordinators/Division Coordinators. Parents and players are expected to communicate any questions during evaluations to the Division Evaluation Coordinators/Division Coordinators only. Parents and players are not to communicate with evaluators regarding the process, results, or any other evaluation concerns. The Division Evaluation Coordinators will bring any circumstances requiring special consideration to the Head Evaluation Coordinator's attention.


Any player exceptions from the evaluation process will be addressed on a case by case basis with the following criteria:

  • Pre-evaluation injury
  • Injury occurring during the evaluation process
  • Pre-existing injury or condition
  • Illness, required isolation, or family emergency

All cases must be brought to the attention of your Division Evaluation Coordinator before the next ice time to be considered for an exception to the evaluation process. If your child is unable to attend any of the scheduled Evaluation skate times due to illness, required isolation, or injury, it is imperative that you contact your Division Evaluation Coordinators and let them know. A doctor's note may be required. If your child is unable to attend for any other reason, or you do not notify your Division Evaluation Coordinator (no show), a "zero" will be recorded for their score for that session.

The Division Evaluation Coordinator will then bring the issue forward to the Head Evaluation Coordinator for resolution. A reasonable and fair course of action will be undertaken to place the player considering, but not limited to, the following factors:

  • Previous coaches’ evaluations and feedback
  • Placement of peers from the previous season
  • Any information gathered from the current year evaluation process

All decisions made in these cases, and ratified by the McKnight Board of Directors, are considered final.


Evaluations can be a hectic and stressful time for players, parents, and volunteers. Please remember that all members involved in evaluations are volunteers. On-Ice Coaches, On-the-bench helpers, Off-Ice Evaluators, Evaluation Coordinators, and Division Coordinators, Data Entry helpers, Check-in Volunteers, and the Board of Directors dedicate large amounts of time and energy to provide the most effective process possible. All efforts are made to consider players and parents during evaluations through preparation, communication, and an open process. Please be considerate of the volunteers' time and efforts made during evaluations.

Please review our Evaluation FAQ's - Player Evaluations - Parent Information

U13 Checking:

Hockey Alberta, acting on a decision made by its Board of Directors, eliminated body checking from the U13 division beginning in the 2013-2014 hockey season, therefore checking will no longer be evaluated at the U13 division.

U15 Checking:

Hockey Calgary passed a decision to eliminate body checking from U15 Division 4 and down beginning in the 2015-2016 hockey season.

U18 Checking:

Hockey Calgary passed a decision to eliminate body checking from U18 Division 4 and down beginning in the 2017 - 2018 hockey season.