Goalie Evaluation Coordinator (U11-U13)

Mark D'Costa

Goalie Evaluation Coordinator (U15-U21C)

Cory Huhn

WorldPro Goaltending

J.F. Martel


Attention Goalie Families

Goalies are evaluated separately from player evaluations. These will take place prior to the player evaluations. This year, McKnight has partnered with WorldPro Goaltending to complete the Goalie Evaluation Process, a parent meeting will be scheduled for early September ~ watch for updates. Goalie evaluation schedules will be posted on the Division websites. McKnight recognizes that there may be situations where there are more goalies in a particular division than spots available. Goalie evaluators, goalies and parents should be made aware of the situation as early as possible.  See below for more details.

Goalie Evaluation Schedules will be posted on the respective division website pages.  Please refer to your division website page for more information.

Goalie Positions

Players in Divisions U11 and higher can indicate their preference to play goal and will be evaluated as such (full goalie gear is required).  We will make every effort to accommodate all goaltenders, though we cannot guarantee your child will play this position within our Association.  The number of teams established in each Division will determine the number of goalies required.  Please contact our Goalie Evaluation Coordinator if you have further questions.

For more information please refer to the McKnight Goalie Evaluation Manual.

Excess Goalies:
It is recognized that there may be situations where there are more goalies in a particular division than are spots available.  Goalie evaluators, goalies and parents should be made aware of this situation as early as possible.  The evaluation team should work to be very clear to all goalies with respect to options for resolving a situation of excess goalies including, but not limited to:

Advising of options or potential options to play for other communities;
Advising parents and goalies of the process for obtaining releases from the McKnight Hockey Association in order to play in other communities;
The appropriate coordinator or delegate must seek out information and/or become familiar with minor hockey rules as relates to goalies including but not limited to playing goal as an over age player for a division; Communication is key to allowing situations of excess goalies to be dealt with pursuant to the principles of fairness recognizing that where there are not enough spots the principles are already compromised; and such further and other steps as may be available.

Hybrid Goalies 

During the 2019-20 Season, Hockey Calgary engaged in a pilot program regarding hybrid goalies. This pilot will now be applicable for all U11 Hockey Calgary teams for the 2020-21 season. This program allows players to participate as both a skater and a goaltender.

  • Any participant may try out as a hybrid goalie
  • Players registering as a hybrid goalie must try out as both a skater and a goalie
  • Participants trying out as hybrid goalies MUST declare a preferred position, prior to the start of evaluations. This is used in the case that the participant does not meet the evaluation requirements to participate as a hybrid goalie during the season (refer to Hockey Calgary and McKnight Goalie Policies for more details)
  • Participants are still allowed to declare as a full time goalie
  • The new hybrid goalie option is applicable specifically to the U11 division

Please note that a full review of both Hockey Calgary goalie policy and the McKnight U11 Hybrid goalie policy is required for those interested in trying out as a hybrid goalie to ensure requirements are understood.


McKnight Hybrid Goalie Policy can be found here - McKnight Hybrid Goalie Policy


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