Volunteer Commitment

Volunteers are critical to our accomplishments and our vision for the future. McKnight is fortunate to have an energetic and engaged membership, whose volunteer efforts support our organization year after year. As our association grows, we continue to expand and improve our volunteer opportunities and create an environment where volunteers feel they belong.

Volunteer Policy

1.  Every family is required to complete a minimum of 15 volunteer hours per player, example, if you have two players then you are responsible for 30 volunteer hours.

2.  Each member must acknowledge their volunteer requirement at registration and commit to paying the $200.00 volunteer fee, per player, if they do not meet the required commitment.


3. The volunteer work must be accounted for by March 1st of the defined season, if the commitment is not completed, or projected to be completed, then Member must provide McKnight Hockey Association payment ($200) by March 31st of the defined season.

Lack of payment will result in Member Not being in good standing with the association.

4. Payment can be made via TeamSnap or cheque, and made payable to McKnight Hockey Association. Cheques that are not accepted by the financial institutions due to Non Sufficient Funds (NSF) or stop-payments — are subject to a $35 administrative fee.

5.  McKnight reserves the right not to release a member “Not in good standing” for future registration with McKnight or any other Hockey Canada member association.

McKnight Hockey Association

Our Mission is to provide our players with an affordable, fair and competitive hockey experience that focuses on the development of individual and team hockey skills, the practice of good sportsmanship and fair play and the opportunity to be challenged while having fun. At McKnight Hockey, our goal is to involve your child in a program that fosters teamwork, skill development and enjoyment of the game.

Contact Info

RPO Box 64261
5628 - 4th Street NW
Calgary,  AB  T2K 6J0