Evaluations- starting Tuesday September 6th



This schedule is subject to change.

You will be emailed which ice times your player should attend.

DO NOT attend any ice times you were not emailed to come to.

If there is a discrepancy between the below schedule and your email, please use your emailed time/location. 

After the last ice time your player will be placed on a team and will wait for their team schedule on TeamSnap.

Evaluation Schedule

Eval Schedule U13

Thank you for registering your child in McKnight's U13 community hockey program.  We’re excited for the 2022-23 season and looking forward to seeing many smiling faces back at the rink!

We’re sending this note to provide an overview of what to expect for the evaluation process.  This is a long message, so thank you for taking the time to read it through.

The process we follow is set out in the Evaluation Manual – available here.  The evaluations are designed to give every player a fair opportunity to play at the highest level that matches their skills and abilities. We do our best to be fair and objective throughout. Please refer to the Manual and the McKnight website and FAQs to better understand the details of the process and schedule.

For U13 we will run 1 conditioning ice time for each player. This is an opportunity to shake off the summer rust and get familiar with the drills. No formal evaluations or scoring takes place, although Evaluators may practice scoring as well during this time. These ice times will run from September 6-9.

Once those sessions are complete, we will then run 5 evaluation skates for each player. The first two skates are predominately skills-based, and the third, fourth and fifth are game play.  These will run from September 10-19.

Some may have noticed that the schedule indicates one of Game 3 ice times is 75mins, please note that we will be running it as a 60min session to be consistent with the other Game 3 ice times and provide a fair evaluation for all kids.

Goalies are special.  They will have 1 goalie conditioning skate, and 1 goalie-specific skills evaluation, as well as joining the players for game play evaluations.

Prior to each ice time, you will receive an automated email from One-Click Ice, our evaluation software, with your child’s next ice time. You may need to check your Spam or Junk folder to be sure you receive the emails. Do not ignore those emails.

On the ice, coaches will not be able to provide individual coaching to help your child improve.  We will still be pleasant and encouraging, but neutral.  On ice coaches are not scoring the kids during evaluations.  Evaluators (you will see them holding clipboards) will be doing a tough job at the rink.  Please give them lots of space to work.  If something comes up and you’ve got a question during the ice times, please find one of our check-in volunteers to connect you with one of the Evaluation Coordinators.

How can you help?

  • Show up at your assigned time. For the evaluation skates you will not be able to attend an alternate time, and your child will not have scores recorded for missed sessions.  We will do our best to place kids appropriately, but missing evaluations can negatively affect where your child places.  Advance notice is required if your child will be absent.
  • Have your child ready to go on the ice a few minutes prior to ice time.  We arrange the kids by helmet numbers for the drills, and if you show up late it disrupts the entire evaluation as we re-sort the kids on the ice.
  • Please bring both a dark jersey and a white jersey to every ice time. You will be assigned one or the other at check in. Red, green, or orange are not dark jerseys.  Jerseys with names or logos should be turned inside out.
  • Please spend a few minutes to tighten up helmet screws and replace worn out laces prior to the first ice time. Really, go do that after you finish reading this.
  • Players without a neck guard will be asked to leave the ice.
  • Bring a water bottle.


Two final points:

First, the job of efficiently assigning everyone to the right team is undertaken by volunteers.  Your support, patience, and cooperation during this time will help make everyone’s experience better. Abusive behaviour towards our volunteers will not be tolerated.

And lastly, this can be a stressful time for the kids. Aside from getting them to the rink with plenty of time to get ready, all that is required here is some gentle encouragement to do their best, listen to the coaches, and some assurance that they will have a team waiting for them once the evaluations are complete.


Kara LegaultU13 Coordinatoru13coordinator@mcknighthockey.com
Warren BridgewaterU13 Evaluation CoordinatorU13-eval@mcknighthockey.com
U13 Evaluation CoordinatorU13-eval@mcknighthockey.com
Mark BjarnasonU13 Board RepresentativeU13-board@mcknighthockey.com