Evaluation Grievance Procedure

All decisions of the Evaluation Committee are final when reviewed and approved by the McKnight Board. The McKnight Board maintains the right to make changes after this process in the case of exceptional circumstances.

Post-evaluation grievances will follow this process:

  • All formal grievances will be submitted in writing to the Head Evaluation Coordinator.
  • Recommendations by the Head Evaluation Coordinator will then be submitted to the Division Board Rep for McKnight Board review and approval.
  • If a decision cannot be agreed upon, the McKnight President will make the final decision (tie-breaker).
  • All responses to the grievance writer shall come from the Head Evaluation Coordinator. This information will then be shared with the Division Evaluation Coordinators, Division Coordinators and the Head Coordinator for information purposes only.

Post-evaluation grievances will be addressed as quickly as practical. Grievances about player evaluations and team placements must be received no sooner than 24 hours after team selection and no later than 48 hours after team selection. Grievances shall be submitted online to the Head Evaluation Coordinator using the online form and shall indicate:

  1. The perceived error of the McKnight Evaluation Manual that was not followed;
  2. The impact;
  3. A proposed resolution.

A grievance resolution will consider the impact on all players (not just the player(s) included in the grievance). A grievance resolution may not change player placement but may change process for the upcoming season.

Should a request to move a player be included as part of the proposed resolution, the following factors must be considered in the process:

Is there room for movement such that the team sizes remain in compliance with the Hockey Calgary guidelines and requirements for team sizes? This includes the guidelines for team size and differentiation of team sizes within a community. No player will be moved down a team as a result of a grievance of another player.

Parents will be required to confirm that they have completed the Hockey Calgary Respect In Sport - Parent program.  No grievance will be accepted should it not follow the Hockey Calgary Respect In Sport program and the McKnight Evaluation Parent Code of Conduct.

Parents who have a grievance regarding a player's evaluation or team placement do not have the right to review evaluation forms or evaluation tabulations.


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