North Central House League


The Flames Community House League is a partnership between the Calgary Flames organization, Hockey Calgary and our member associations.  The goal is to provide recreational players the opportunity to play organized hockey that is affordable, fun and safe with moderate time commitments allowing for participation in other social, academic or recreational activities. It also provides players with limited skills and knowledge an introduction to the game in a less intimidating format.

The program is regionally based, offers participants a chance to play the great game of hockey with less time and travel commitments.


Hockey Calgary House League Guide


North Central House League

U9 and U11 ONLY

This is an optional League and is separate from the Minor Hockey Leagues in Calgary.

Some of the highlights include:

  • In this House League Program players will have fewer ice times, relatively fixed dates and times and less travel time.
  • All teams will be balanced equally and play in one division.
  • Players are sorted from both associations onto teams to make the numbers as even as possible.  This means that the team your child is placed on may not be in their home association. As an example, if you registered with The Raiders your player could be placed on a team that may be based out of the McKnight arenas.
  • We will be taking into consideration friend requests but cannot guarantee that they will end up on the same team.
  • The season will run from approximately the middle of October to the beginning of March.
  • All teams will have one practice and one game per week, and the season will end with all teams playing in a tournament-style playoff before the end of the season. Days and times will be fixed (as available ice allows) so that families can plan with a reasonable knowledge of how their schedule will look.
  • The league will emphasize fun hockey with no stats or standings and will still provide high quality coaching by certified coaches and competitive games where all players will have the opportunity to improve their skills.
  • Both associations will charge a registration fee of $825.00 per player.
  • Additional practice ice, tournaments and exhibition games beyond what the league provides will not be permitted.
  • Both the U9 and U11 leagues will be sanctioned by Hockey Calgary and players will be properly registered and insured within Hockey Calgary.
  • Demand is expected to be high and thus space will be provided on a first-come basis. Associations may have a maximum player allotment for this program to balance team sizes and may be required to waitlist your player.

House League Players can expect:

  1. U9 (2016-2017) and U11 (2014-2015) divisions only.
  2. One practice per week, on a specific day. Ice times for the season will be based on which team you are placed on.
  3. One game per week on a Saturday or Sunday morning.  House games will only be against other NCHL teams within the division.
  4. All games will be refereed.
  5. Ice times will be 60 minutes in length.
  6. Ice times will be scheduled for the entire season. Total of 30 ice times per season (15 practices and 15 games).
  7. Ice times will commence in October and end in March.
  8. Attempts will be made to balance each team.  There will be no ranking of House teams.
  9. There will be a player “sorting” at the beginning of the season which will be required to balance the House teams. Each association will make every effort to ensure that all teams consist of similar skilled players (outliers may be moved at set times during the season).
  10. Cash Calls will be limited only to the funding of team apparel, trophies/medals and team building events. No team fundraising is allowed. The purchase of ice for additional practices, exhibition games and tournaments will not be permitted.
  11. House teams will not be sanctioned to play in any tournaments (in Calgary or outside of Calgary) or any exhibition games.
  12. The ideal team size is 19 for U9 and 16 for U11.
  13. Friend requests are allowed, Associations will do their best to accommodate but cannot make any guarantees.
  14. Goalie rotation will be allowed in both U9 and U11, and associations will provide necessary goalie equipment for both age groups. [If you child wants to play goalie full time in U11, we will do our best to accommodate that; however, in this situation equipment will NOT be provided. The rotation of goalies in this program is to create additional interest as we see a city wide shortage in our younger age groups.]
  15. Teams will wear their association jerseys during all games.
  16. Socks and a team photo memory mate will be included in fees.
  17. Games will follow all Hockey Calgary Rules and games will adhere to the standard Hockey Canada Fair Play Codes.
  18. McKnight Hockey and The Raiders Hockey Club will support their House League teams. Volunteers may be required for the House League and each Association Volunteer Policy will apply to House League teams in the same manner as Minor Hockey teams.
  19. Coaching certification requirements are the same for House League and Community Hockey. Please refer to Hockey Calgary Coaching Requirements. [Requirements include Respect In Sport - Coach program (online), Safety program (online), Coach Stream, or equivalent (online and classroom/on-ice), Checking Skills for U11 ONLY (online and classroom/on-ice)]. Coach certification are reimbursable through the individual Hockey Association.
  20. Coaching selection will be managed through each association. If you are interested in coaching for a House team, please refer to your association website or contact your association for more details.
  21. In order for the House League to continue to move forward, we require a minimum of 16 players per team. Teams may be formed by combining registrations between the associations. We do reserve the right to cancel the House League if we do not meet this minimum registration requirements.


Registration for the House League is the same as the Minor Hockey registration.  Every Community District in Calgary is designated to a Hockey Calgary Community Hockey Association.  If you do not know which Association you belong to, please refer to the Calgary Association List (found on the Hockey Calgary website, under the Registrations tab).  Each Community Hockey Association website will also detail its online registration process.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Association registration contact listed below.

This is an optional program for U9 and U11 divisions only. You can elect to choose to play within the House League or the Minor Hockey League.  Players are only able to participate in one league for the duration of the hockey season.  Players may only change leagues between hockey seasons.

McKnight Hockey Association


contact:      Christina, McKnight Registrar



The Raiders Hockey Club


contact:        Lynne, Administrator







McKnight Hockey Association

Our Mission is to provide our players with an affordable, fair and competitive hockey experience that focuses on the development of individual and team hockey skills, the practice of good sportsmanship and fair play and the opportunity to be challenged while having fun. At McKnight Hockey, our goal is to involve your child in a program that fosters teamwork, skill development and enjoyment of the game.

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