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What is the Respect in Sport Parent Program?

Respect in Sport for Parents provides information on a parent's natural influence over their child, and the role they play in their child's enjoyment of a sport or activity. The program also provides parents with tools to evaluate their own behaviour.

How is Respect in Sport implemented?

The Respect in Sport Parent Program is presented as an online curriculum and includes audio/visual presentations.

When do I have to take the course?

You are required to take the online course before you register online!  It is a mandatory requirement for Hockey Calgary and without taking the course you will not be able to complete your online registration.

Does the course expire?

Yes all Respect In Sport Certifications are only valid for 3 years.  If your certificate has expired you should receive a notice.  You can login to your RIS account to check to see if you certificate is still valid.

Where do those fees go?

Of the $12 fee to take the RIS parents program the majority of the fee ($10) is absorbed by Respect Group Inc for their expense in developing the program and maintaining the databases to operate it. There is a portion that is profit but the Board considered this as an acceptable burden of doing business to have this educational tool being used in our system. Hockey Canada realizes $1 for every program taken and Hockey Alberta receives $1 as well. These funds are re-invested into our Risk Management program of Game and Conduct Management for use in promotion, programming, and other risk/safety initiatives.

What equipment is required to complete the program?

All that is required to complete the Respect in Sport curriculum is a computer, an Internet connection, and speakers or a headset. Optional equipment includes a printer to print out your certificate of completion.


Do I have to do it all at once?

No. You can do it at your leisure, come and go as required. The program remembers where you left off and brings you back to that point when you next sign-in. You can even do it from different computers.

I took the course, why is it not linked to my children?

You have to go back into the Respect In Sport website and update your profile to link your children.  Once logged in, click on "Profile" and then click on "Child Management".  Read and follow the online instructions to link all of your children to your Respect In Sport Certificate number.  Click here for step-by-step instructions to link your player.

I took the course with another sport, is that RIS number valid?

Yes if you took the RIS Parent Program through another sport like baseball, then you can transfer that information to your account.  Below is the information you will need to do this.

  • To transfer a certificate from another organization to Hockey Alberta's parent program you will need to go to the Parent Respect in Sport Link. Once on the website follow the instructions below.

Import Certificate

Help Desk

If you require additional technical assistance with program operation or computer glitches please call the 24/7 Help Desk. The service is in both English and French.

Website: Respect in Sport Support


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