FAQ - Recertification of Respect in Sport Parent

1. What will happen effective May 1?

If you are included in the group that is required to recertify, as of May 1, the following will occur:

  • In the Respect Group system, your Profile will be reset to “Recertification”.
  • In the Hockey Canada Registry (HCR), the system will be reset for the 2018-19 season to indicate that you are required to complete Recertification.

2. How will I know if I am required to recertify?

An email will be sent to the address on file with Respect in Sport indicating the certificate has expired. The email will provide directions for logging in to access the new program and complete recertification. This email is important. Do not ignore it.

3. What happens if my email address has changed?

If your email address has changed from the one used when originally completing Respect in Sport (for example, you used a work address, and you have a new job), you will not receive an email notification from Respect in Sport. However, you should receive an email from your Minor Hockey Association informing you of the requirement to recertify.

4. How do I log in to Respect in Sport?

To login to your Respect in Sport account, go to the Parent website address below. Once at the website, you will need to know your user name and password.

Parents Respect in Sport Link


5. How do I recover my Username, or reset my password to log in?

You must know username to reset your password.

  • Ensure the correct website is being used

Parent Respect in Sport Link

  • Click “Recover Username or Reset Password” link (green circle in images above in question 4) in the bottom right hand corner of the main page under the Login button


If additional help is required with User Name, Password or other issues accessing your Respect Group account, you MUST contact the Respect Group Helpdesk:

Website: Respect in Sport Help

6. Where do I go once I have logged in?

Once logged in, please check your PROFILE information, and update email address and any other information required. Then click RE-CERTIFY NOW (yellow circles in images below).

7. What happens when Recertification is complete?

Once you have recertified, you will be issued a new certificate number which will be updated in the profile.

For Parents, this will also be sent to HCR using the child information on file. Please ensure this information is 100% in agreement with the information in your child’s HCR profile.

8. How did Hockey Alberta determine that recertification was necessary?

Hockey Alberta identified a need to better serve and support the parents, family members and coaches of our participants through the creation of a Parent Engagement Strategy for the 2018- 19 season.

A report submitted by the Hockey Alberta’s Risk and Player Safety Committee made multiple recommendations including the recertification of Respect in Sport for both the Parent and Coach/ Team Official programs and no longer recognizing Speak Out as a relevant program for Coaches.

A study conducted by Mount Royal University reported that 70% of families recommended that the Respect In Sport program be taken a minimum of every three years and wanted all adults certified.

A study conducted by the University of Toronto showed that following completion of the Respect In Sport program that 94% of parents became more child-centered.

9. How much does it cost?

The cost is unchanged: $12 for the Parent program. Hockey Alberta is confident that the values are not a barrier to continue to foster an improved player experience.

10. Has the program changed?

The content of the Respect in Sport program has been updated since the previous time you completed certification. Respect Group has committed to developing new content that addresses new research and changing social challenges. The Parent program has new content and experts, and in 2017 added a full screen interface, closed captioning and a faster pace as part of the improved experience.

11. Can I do the program on my phone or tablet?

Yes. The Respect in Sport program is Apple and Android friendly, operates on mobile browsers and does not require additional applications or plug-ins. The Parent program will be available this summer as an App for both iOS and Android.

12. How long does it take to complete the new programs?

The programs have been condensed. The Parent program: 60-90 minutes. Users can stop at the end of any module and continue later.


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