Coach Level 2 Clinic

McKnight Hockey Association is very fortunate to be able to offer a Coach Level 2 Clinic for all U11 to Junior C Coaches internally. 

There are 2 parts to this clinic:

  1. Online (HU - Online Coach 1/2) Click to Register for Online
  2. Classroom & On-Ice: Sunday October 29, 2023 12:30- 5:45pm Click to register for In-Person

The online session must be completed before attending the classroom and on-ice session.  The online session registration is available through the Hockey Canada website. 

Registration for the McKnight classroom and on-ice Coach Level 2 clinic is linked above.  When you complete the program, your Hockey Canada account will be updated to show your certification.  You will be required to pay for both portions of the clinic. 

***Note***  McKnight will reimburse for this clinic. If you do not take this course through McKnight you will not be reimbursed unless otherwise approved by the Coach Qualification Administrator.

Part 1

Online - Must be completed before Classroom & on-ice session

Register and pay for the online portion of the clinic through your Hockey Canada 3.0 account.

Course Information:

  • This course is part 1 of 2.
  • This course is completed online.
  • Cost - (eligible for reimbursement)
  • Time Requirement - ~4 Hours

***NOTE*** If you have completed the Coach Level 1 program the online portion is the same and you do not need to take it again. When viewing your Hockey Canada account look for HU - Online Coach 1/2. If you have this on your profile you do not need to complete the online course again.

Part 2

       Date - Sunday October 29 12:30-5:45pm

Classroom - 12:30 PM - 4:30 PM Thorncliffe. Old Lobby 
On-Ice -4:45 PM Thorncliffe. Forbes Innis Arena

Course Information:

  • This course is part 2 of 2.
  • This course is completed in person.
  • Cost - (eligible for reimbursement)
  • Time Requirement - ~5 Hours

Please be advised that certification requires that you complete all parts!