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McKnight ePIC (Police Checks) Coodinator

Allana Black

All Coaches must have a valid police information check on file.

Before you begin you will require a volunteer letter from McKnight Hockey Association.  This letter will ensure that you do not get charged for your police check.   A Police Information Check is valid for 3 years, and will expire on May 31, of the third year.  McKnight will keep a digital copy of your Police Check on file, and will also update this information in the Hockey Canada Registry, which will link directly to your eHockey account.  If you do not know if your police information check is still valid, please login to your eHockey account.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us or if you're having "technical difficulties", please contact the CPS-PICUNIT for assistance. Please be sure to use a computer and not a tablet when completing the application, tablets are known to glitch as they do not always function properly with some websites.  Also, as per their website, there are a few known issues with Safari and the "back" button, read the website before you get started.

If you are asked to attend the CPS Unit for a follow up appointment, please remember to bring:

Two valid pieces of government issued identification:

Photo identification can be one of the following:

  • Driver's Licence
  • Identification Card from a Motor Vehicle Registry
  • Passport
  • Citizenship card
  • Permanent Residence card
  • Firearms License
  • National Defense card
  • Nexus card
  • Aboriginal Status card
  • Aviation Document Booklet

Non-photo identification can be one of the following:

  • Social Insurance Card
  • Provincial Healthcare Card
  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Immigration papers

Please review important information regarding the mandatory police information check prior to completing your application.

McKnight Hockey Association has an agency account set up with the Calgary Police Service.  All police information checks must be completed using the CPS ePIC online program.

Below you will find the application instruction manual, as well you can click on the links below and view the application instruction video.

Please be sure to review the manual and video prior to beginning your police information check.

Applicant Instruction Manual

Applicant Instruction Video

Important Items to Note:

There are 14 simple steps involved in completing the ePIC application. You may exit or save the application at any time or choose to have the system erase all of the personal information or uploaded documents that you have included.

In Step 2 - Getting Started:
As a coach you are applying for "Volunteer."

In Step 3 - Agency Information:
McKnight Hockey Association has been registered as an agency and will show up under the drop down menu when you get to the agency information.

If you are renewing your application with McKnight Hockey, please choose "Renewal Application", if you are new to coaching with McKnight please choose "New Application".

In Step 5 - Create Account:
You must create an account, please follow the instructions. You will be required to confirm your email account before continuing.

In Step 6 - Supporting Documentation:
Please be sure to have the required documentation prior to starting.

In Step 10 - Reason for Application
Choose "Volunteer". You will be required to upload your Volunteer Organization Letter. Sample volunteer letter, please contact us for your letter! Failure to upload the Volunteer Organization Letter will result in payment required.  Payments incurred will not be covered by McKnight Hockey Association.

When your ready to get started click on the logo above.


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