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casino volunteer work

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CHC Hockey Federation of Calgary Casino Commitment:
Wednesday, May 22nd & Thursday, May 23rd, 2024

CHC Casino Chair

Maria Loblick -

CHC Casino Volunteer Worker Application Form

AGLC - Casino Chairperson Duties

For each casino McKnight will require approximately 40 volunteers.  Some of these volunteers are for "key positions" and therefore must be filled by CHC or CNC members (for their respective casino); however, all other positions can be filled by any McKnight volunteer.  

Below is a document outlining the requirements and positions for the various Casino Volunteer positions.  Please review them if you are considering volunteering and have not yet volunteered at a Casino, it is a wealth of information.

AGLC - Opening and Closing Procedures

AGLC - Casino Volunteer Requirements and Positions

Positions Available:

  • General Manager(s) (CHC or CNC Members only)
  • Banker (CHC or CNC Members only)
  • Cashier
  • Count Room Supervisor (CHC or CNC Members only)
  • Chip runner
  • Count room staff

General Casino Volunteer Position Descriptions

Casino Volunteer Worker Application Form

Additional AGLC documentation on Conducting a Casino.




McKnight Hockey Association

Our Mission is to provide our players with an affordable, fair and competitive hockey experience that focuses on the development of individual and team hockey skills, the practice of good sportsmanship and fair play and the opportunity to be challenged while having fun. At McKnight Hockey, our goal is to involve your child in a program that fosters teamwork, skill development and enjoyment of the game.

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