Referee Sign Up

To become an Official, you must complete all of the steps listed below. all referees, both new and returning, are required to complete all steps.  Please be sure to read all of the information posted on this page before registering to become a referee.


Please note for applicants from outside the McKnight Hockey Association boundaries we will accept your application but reserve the right to limit external applicants based on signup rates of applicants from inside the McKnight boundary area. Final decisions on external applicants will not be rendered until the signup period is complete. Also, external applicants will not be eligible for subsidies provided as part of the McKnight program. Accepted applicants will be notified by email.


Level 2+ Referees - You will be scheduled as “fill in only where needed" at the community level, as CZRC has plenty of ice times available for you.  However, we really appreciate your availability to be on-ice with the younger referees who need the time with experienced officials to learn the ropes!  This means that we still want you to sign up, but you may not get as much ice time from us.

Step 1: McKnight Hockey Association Registration

There are a limited number of spots available.  As these numbers are limited, it is advised you complete the online registration form and then follow up with an email to to confirm your position on the community roster.

CZRC manages all payments of all Calgary Referees for the regular season, playoff and tournament games. Evaluation games will be paid via McKnight. Exhibition games will be managed via the individual teams on a pre-game cash basis.

For new referees:

  • Please choose CZRC Level 1 if you are 13-15 yrs old prior to December 31
  • Please choose CZRC Level 2 if you are 16 yrs or older prior to December 31
  • Date of Most Recent Clinic - passed: Please enter the date of your last clinic
    • If this is your first year officiating, enter the date of the clinic you will take this year.
  • Clinic Exam Percentage: If you have not yet completed your officiating clinic, please use 0 (zero).
  • Date of Next Scheduled Clinic: The date of the clinic you will take for this year!

Step 2: Hockey Canada eHockey Registration & HU - Online Officiating 1/2 course

All new officials (or officials who have not registered as an official since 2014) must complete the e-Learning course prior to registering for the 1 day in-class clinic. The system will not allow you to sign up for a clinic until you have completed the HU - Online Officiating 1/2 course.


  • Complete the HU - Online Officiating 1/2 course on the eHockey website through Hockey Canada.
    • If you do not have an account on the eHockey Canada website, you will need to create an account. Click here for instructions on how to create an account.

Course information:

  • This course is completed online.
  • Cost - $22.05
  • This course only needs to be completed once.

Step 3: In Class Clinic Registration

Note: McKnight Hockey will not be hosting a clinic in the McKnight region this year.

If you have specific questions or concerns, please email us at


    • All clinics are facilitated by CZRC.  As such we do not have access to your information with them. Refer to the FAQs to answer your questions regarding clinics. Should you have questions unanswered by the FAQs please email
    • Make sure you read all tabs that inform you who can take what type of clinic before registering, as we do not want you in the wrong place at the wrong time. Click here to view all available clinics.


Course information:

  • Course registration is through your eHockey account. Please read the instructions on how to register.
  • This course is completed in class and on ice.
  • Cost - starts at $107.70

***Note***Proof of clinic completion (referee number and exam mark) is required to referee with McKnight.  Please scan and email a copy of this document to when you have completed your clinic.  If you are a returning referee, you may be asked to provide last year's documentation to officiate until you can take your clinic this year.

Step 4: Central Zone Referees' Committee Registration

Central Zone is a committee of the Referee Council of Hockey Alberta. Central Zone is referred to as Central Zone Referees' Committee (CZRC). 

Upon completion of your course, CZRC will provide you with details on how to access their site which is where you will set your availability to receive games.


McKnight Hockey Association

Our Mission is to provide our players with an affordable, fair and competitive hockey experience that focuses on the development of individual and team hockey skills, the practice of good sportsmanship and fair play and the opportunity to be challenged while having fun. At McKnight Hockey, our goal is to involve your child in a program that fosters teamwork, skill development and enjoyment of the game.

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