Third Jerseys

To the right is an approved 3rd Jerseys that can be worn in sanctioned games with Hockey Calgary. It is the same as our Home jersey in U13-21. 


You may get a third jersey for your team, provided the jerseys match our McKnight colours and the Logo is unaltered. 


All Third Jerseys must get pre-approval from our Board Representatives, Jordan. Please email Jordan to obtain approval prior to purchasing! Jordan Howatt

Sponsorship of individual teams is not encouraged but rather donations should be used for general team purposes.  Teams may request the use of sponsorship decals or patches to Third Jerseys.  For continuity, we advise that all sponsorship decals be of similar size and placed across the bottom back of the jersey (bum bar).  McKnight must first approve all sponsorship decals or patches prior to attachment to the jersey. 


Jerseys must be purchased from team funds.  (All players must be included and cannot require additional cash input from players.)

Teams are encouraged to use Tuxedo, Purr Energy or Elite Promotions:


Tuxedo Source for Sports

(403) 695-4458

2520 Centre St N, Calgary, AB T2E 2V2

Elite Promotions

Emily Billingsley
(403) 291-6174

#10 2239 Pegasus Way NE, Calgary AB, T2E 8T2

Purr Energy

Joanne Pataky
4208 12 Street NE
Phone: 403-291-1313

3rd Jersey

Optional Patches for Third Jerseys

In Honour of Willie McKnight's (Canadian Fighter Pilot that McKnight was named after) 100th birthday we are offering this optional shoulder patch for the 3rd Jersey



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